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International Agency for Events and Weddings

Our commitment is to deliver  you a Perfect Day, without complications.

We take care of coordinating everything in your wedding so that you don’t need to worry about anything at all.

We have protocol advice. You will be able to choose between an integral servicein which we take care of the organization of the whole wedding, or to choose specific services.

We remain at your entire disposal for everything you need. Just ask us what you want and we will make it happen, with the same care as you would have use for yourself.


Do you want to see incredible places to celebrate your Great Day? Have you thought about celebrating your wedding in Andalusia (Spain)? Or maybe in the south of Portugal? And why not in Morocco?

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Our Servicies

Did you know that you can celebrate your wedding in Spain, Portugal or Morocco and that we also take care of all trips, transfers and accommodation? And that organizing your wedding does not have to be something stressful?

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Lats Weddings

The weddings with TRAVEL EVENTS are a success always . Do you want to know it ?

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Our history


iTravel Sevilla

Xavier, Fancisco Javier, José Luis

Travel agency dedicated to individuals, groups and incentives. Specialized in unique and exclusive plans, faithful to quality, comfort and innovation. All travel proposals imply a deep commitment to excellence.

Sevilla de Fiesta - Bodas

Charo y Mercedes

20 years of experience and more than 6,000 weddings and events held in the city of Seville and its outskirts. Helping and facilitating the work to all people and companies who want to hold an event.

Your perfect day full of happiness and joy.

How we did meet 

It was not a crush, but we gradually fell in love. We met each other a long time ago. We were very lucky that the culmination of our work is the Honeymoon, The Journey. And that iTravel Sevilla has the absolute capacity to reach it and to achieve the dream trip, the icing on the cake. We fell in love with Xavier, Francisco Javier and José Luis (iTravel Sevilla) for their way of acting, for their way of sharing and watching them enjoy their work. That was very easy for us, Charo and Mercedes (Sevilla de Fiesta).

And one day, out of the blue, we started organizing weddings for couples from outside Spain, friends they had all over the world, and for couples we had made… we realized that we were a perfect team. We began to see that the weaknesses of one were compenstaed by the strengths of another and that we were five totally different people and we all had points to contribute. Some of them  crazier, others funnier, more daring, more serious, and more formal … but we realized that we needed to make this union.

The rest is history

For all these reasons, the two girls from Sevilla de Fiesta asked the three boys from iTravel Sevilla to marry us… and they accepted!

Since then, we have merged into TRAVELSEVENTS and thanks to our contacts, agencies and agreements that we have all over the world, we come to you and we can get you a perfect day. We are fully capable, not only to create, but also to make your dreams come true. We’ve enjoyed doing our work for so many years, that each one in our sector adds up much more than the sum of tiny individual parts.

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Success guaranteed

You can’t have your wedding without Sevilla de Fiesta! Professional, pleasant, cheerful, perfect in their work and always with a solution in their pocket. They stick to your budget and show you the best in the sector. Mercedes is great. 100% recommended. 

María & David (They got married on 06/15/2019).


We had a dream wedding, magical and ideal. A dream came true in a beautiful garden. We were delighted with everyone. Thank you so much!

Jéssica & Adry (Se casaron el 05/11/2019).


Charo and Mercedes were like a relative to me. Caring at every moment for everything we needed, making sure that the bride and groom would enjoy their wedding day. Each time, I’m increasingly happier to have counted on them. 100% trust and professionals.

Rocío Ballesteros (She got married on 12/08/2018).

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